About us

3DShook is a world leader in quality content for 3D Printing. Our design team is composed of professional designers, reflecting a divers and well polished taste.

Our 3DShook BRANDS store concentrates on offering iconic, branded content through 3D Printing and digital manufacturing.

The Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends designer jewelry line is the first 3DShook-Brands collection in this store. 3DShook wants to offer any Hello Kitty fan the advantages of 3D Printing and On Demand Digital Manufacturing.

All products on this store were officially licensed by Sanrio GMBH.

3DShook has permission to design and sell Hello Kitty and other Sanrio Characters products under license Sanrio GMBH 1976 2016 Sanrio Co. LTD
Client No 25732

The Hello Kitty & Friends LiNES collection was designed by Vika Milman (Herself a big fan of the famous kitten) who wanted to create a balanced and clean look that can appeal to both young and older fans. And look as gorgeous on both.

3DShook Designer - Vika Milman 












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